Comments from guests who have chartered my boat:

"Sometimes mistaken for the latest incarnation of James Bond, Jonathan Shale captains his catamaran with both panache and care. With the help of his boatman, they can help less-experienced members of your group with the finer points of snorkelling, accompanying them to the best spots.

They can provide a light meal for you, if required. The vessel has space and shelter for up to twelve people. There is a toilet below, and a double bed for a couple who may wish to make it an overnight excursion.

As well as the expected facilities for cruising, snorkelling and some fishing, the vessel has a very capable sound system, with a huge collection of music in different genres. You may find yourself dancing and singing along with the music after enjoying a swim in the clear tropical waters.

We found Jonathan a warm and convivial host, and were surprised at how modest his rates are, compared with similar charters.

These unsolicited comments were put together after a very pleasant day celebrating my wife’s birthday with some friends on Jonathan’s boat."

(Dr) Frank Gee, Kings Point, New South Wales, Australia

"Simply the Best boat Charter in KK....I have lived here for 2 years now and been lucky enough to take many but this is by far the best.....Nothing is too much trouble for Jonathan and his crew if you want to take away one everlasting memory from KK take to the sea on this vessel!"

Janie Budd Sep '12 .

"enjoy very much spending time with the snorkelling at the islands. We had a good time on the ‘Sea Oasis’ together with Jonathan and his boatman and they taught us to use the snorkelling equipment; in fact this was my first time using it.”

Lee family, Subang Jaya, West Malaysia.

We all had an excellent day on Jonathan’s boat. He made every effort to cater to the needs of our party that included grandparents, a three year old and a three month old.”

Savaridas family, Hexham, England. January 2012

We finished our week here with a sunset cruise with Jonathan on his boat – it was an ideal way to finish. A very enjoyable couple of hours on the water and we saw a brilliant sunset.”

Peter, Lauren and Cath. Victoria, Australia. February 2012

We especially enjoyed our island hopping, snorkelling experience, swimming, banana boat ride, flying fish ride…… all from Jonathan’s wonderful boat. Thank you Jonathan and crew for taking care of us during our 6 hour private boat ride. I’m especially going to miss Jonathan’s coffee!

Siti Nurishah and family. Brunei Darussalam. April 2012

The trip on Jonathan’s boat to the local islands was very calming and felt very relaxed after the amount of shopping done in the holiday. The attention to detail on the boat trip was greatly appreciated.”

Suzie and Colin. Kent, England.

Had a great three weeks here, thanks mostly to Jonathan. The boat trips were great, water warm and clean, swimming perfect.”

Roberta Irgens–Moller. Laeso, Denmark.

The day on the boat was just great. We all had a brilliant day.”

lan and Marion, West Malling, Kent, England.

Our great thanks to Jonathan for being the perfect host and maintaining his good humour. Our trip out on his boat was a definite highlight and I would highly recommend it to all who visit KK. The snorkelling was certainly ranked in the top 5 sites for us.”

Hancock family, Australia.

The day on the boat was excellent and had some great snorkelling spots. The boatman later took us to his water village and explained what happens there.”

Schmidt family, Queensland, Australia.

Highlight of our stay was a trip on Jonathan’s boat – the snorkelling was amazing – beautiful coral and so many colourful fish. Not to be missed.”

Pegram family, Bath, England.

Highly recommend a trip to the islands with Jonathan and crew who were great hosts and took us to the parts away from the crowds of the tourist areas. Saw lots of coral and fish whilst snorkelling.”

Lalor family, Melbourne, Australia

"Hi Jonathan, Thanks once again for bringing us out to sea last week. My family and I had a really good time and we definitely want to do it again when we are back in KK"

The Chua Family

The Chua Family on board Sea Oasis

The Watson Family from Australia
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